With 14 years of experience in building digital products, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record practicing continuous discovery and delivery. My leadership extends beyond traditional boundaries, having led multiple cross-functional teams to success by fostering collaboration, innovation, and coaching. I am fanatical about quickly understanding customer needs, grasping business goals and metrics, aligning and delivering project objectives with strategic business outcomes.

My background spans early-stage startups to large corporate entities and has equipped me with the unique ability to navigate and thrive in diverse environments, ensuring that each product I touch not only meets market demands but sets new benchmarks for excellence.



In the dynamic field of UI/UX Design, my proficiency with Figma stands out, enabling me to craft comprehensive UI systems that enhance user experience and engagement. I've designed entire applications that are both intuitive and visually appealing.

My unique experience as the sole product manager and designer in a startup environment underscores my ability to wear multiple hats, offering a holistic approach to design that balances user needs with business goals. This blend of skills ensures that I bring a thoughtful, user-centered perspective to every project, driving innovation and creating designs that resonate with users and achieve measurable success.



My engineering journey is underscored by my familiarity with React and Next.js, which served as the foundation for building this very website. As a hobby i enjoy playing with APIs and React components, showcasing my ability to bring complex functionality to life. Leveraging my understanding of coding, I excel in designing technical implementations with seasoned engineers that are not only robust but also optimised for delivery and scalability.

This holistic approach to engineering underpins my capability to contribute significantly across the full spectrum of product development, from conceptual design through to deployment and optimisation.



Waterfall releases suck, avoid them when possible. Discovery and ideation should be part of small, rapid delivery cycles. Initiatives chopped into achievable, monitorable phases, ensuring that each step offers an opportunity to pivot to achieve maximum value.

Keep it simple, stupid

Embrace simplicity, it's not hard. Complex systems benefit from straightforward, intuitive implementations, ensuring products are user-friendly and efficient. Allowing sophisticated processes to become super simple to use.

Objectives & Metrics

Define success clearly. Setting specific objectives and tracking metrics ensures projects are guided by measurable goals. This focus enables real-time adjustments, optimising performance and aligning every effort with the companies overarching targets for maximum impact.

Deep Analysis

Dive deep, think ahead. Thorough analysis underpins every product, monitoring data into actionable insights. By examining the intricacies of each challenge, strategies are informed and decisions made with precision, paving the way for innovative solutions that address core needs and exceed expectations.

Stakeholder Journeys

Involve and evolve. Bringing stakeholders into the heart of the product development process ensures their voices are heard and valued. By actively engaging them, we foster a collaborative environment where feedback is not just solicited but acted upon.

Strive For Better

Never settle. Continuous improvement is the key to staying ahead. By always striving for better, we push the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring our products not only meet current needs but are also poised for future challenges and opportunities.

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